Kitchen Renovations Moonee Ponds

Since our family company was first established in 1994, the Procoat team have been utilising their extensive experience to create kitchen renovations Moonee Ponds locals love. We deliver all renovations on time and on budget, in a process that helps homeowners avoid the stress and inconvenience of a traditional kitchen renovation.

What is so different about a Procoat kitchen renovation? With Procoat, you get to choose the aspects of your kitchen that you want to replace or update, for a value-for-money renovation that takes advantage of all that is good in your existing kitchen structure, while still giving you an update that is fresh and functional. 

What are the advantages of this style of kitchen remodeling? Moonee Ponds locals will soon see the savings that can be made by recycling the aspects of their kitchen that already work well, while replacing or refreshing those that have become worn or dated.

This is also a far less invasive form of kitchen renovation. By simply removing the cabinet doors, end panels and drawer faces, we can leave you with a functional kitchen while we complete all necessary work at our local Melbourne factory. Your sink, oven and refrigerator can all remain in place throughout the renovation process. You will even have access to cutlery drawers and storage cupboards, as only the facings have been removed in preparation for repairs or replacements.

Kitchen and Cabinet Refacing in Moonee Ponds

When they choose Procoat to complete their cabinet refacing, Moonee Ponds homeowners, joiners, shopfitters and builders can be sure that they have made an investment in quality, as we use only premium 2pac coatings, applied by a fully qualified and experienced team. 

The Procoat team works regularly on both residential and commercial projects. We take pride in the quality of our work, and offer a 1 year warranty on all commercial work, with a 10 year warranty standard for all of our commercial projects.

Searching for the team to complete kitchen remodeling in Moonee Ponds ‘near me’? Send an email with your questions and requirements to, or simply call 03 9741 6885 to talk directly with a member of the Procoat team today.

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