Kitchen Renovations Williamstown

Are you searching for an affordable way to renovate your kitchen? One that will transform the space and add value to your home with quality products and finishes? With our kitchen renovations, Williamstown homeowners can update their kitchen’s style for a fraction of the price of gutting and replacing the entire kitchen.

There are a few basic kitchen floorplans, and with a little modification, most are perfectly suited to the requirements of modern living. By altering cabinetry for a larger fridge recess or to free up bench space, a kitchen that appears outdated and impractical can easily and affordably be brought into the 21st century.

Procoat are the experts when it comes to removing the old vinyl wrap from kitchen cabinets, cupboard doors and drawer faces and recoating them with a quality 2pac finish. This can be completed as a standalone service, or as part of a larger kitchen renovation. We work with builders and joiners to provide the kitchen remodeling Williamstown locals can rely on, whether they plan to update benches, appliances and flooring, or simply update the style of their kitchen with Procoat’s premium 2pac coating services.  

Kitchen and Cabinet Refacing in Williamstown

Whatever the existing or intended style of your kitchen, Procoat provide a match with quality, detailed, cabinet refacing. Williamstown homeowners can select from a wide range of colours in a satin/matte or full gloss finish. 

We can replace selected cabinet doors with glass infills, or new profiles, as well as updating the handles to suit a style that is contemporary, period or timeless in design.

Often it is the little things that make a kitchen look dated or worn. The ‘colour of the year’ from five or ten years ago shows clearly how long it has been since the kitchen was last renovated. Peeling vinyl wraps on otherwise solid cabinetry can give the appearance that the whole kitchen is falling apart. Sometimes refacing cupboard doors, drawer faces, and panels is all that is needed to completely transform your kitchen.

Searching for affordable, quality options for kitchen remodeling in Williamstown ‘near me’? The Procoat team can give reliable advice and offer practical solutions for kitchen renovation. Call us on 03 9741 6885 or email for a comprehensive free quote.  

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