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Can I have minor cabinets modifications undertaken?

Often when modernizing an existing kitchen, some minor cabinetry works can be a solution to some of your issues. Larger fridge spaces can sometimes be created, oven tower modifications for alternative ovens with drawers below. Alternative range hoods or canopies can often be accommodated with careful planning of the space, you will need an electrician to install the appliance into the space that we create. Other spaces may need attention such as washers, microwaves, waste bins – with these we can examine the space and where possible provide a solution.

What can I do with the colour on the back of my old doors?

You have three options to consider, economically you could leave them in the colour they currently are, or could undertake 2pac coating works to both faces, but the most satisfactory economical solution is for the rear faces to be prepared and applied with a 2pac polyester finish. The polyester finish does have a sheen and is readily cleanable, but not the same quality of finish as the front and edges, looking more like the melamine finish on the internals of your cabinets. A very economical outcome, and in keeping with the modern melamine backed new doors.

How else can I modify my kitchen?

There are a number of additional ways to modernize your kitchen as well, with a range of sturdy handles to select from our collection. Extending the end and island panels to the floor can have a dramatic effect. We can modify your overhead cabinets to enable additional space for the likes of newer larger fridges, and install new soft closing drawers in-lieu of doors, soft closing cabinet hinges, install corner cabinet solutions such as lazy susan’s into corner spaces, and even install pull out waste bin drawers.

What colours and sheens can I choose?

We offer two sheen levels, a very high 100% Gloss which is cut and polished in a similar process to your motor vehicle, or a 30% Satin/Matt.

The 30% finish is technically a Matt, however we refer to it as Satin due to the slight sheen that is visible when viewed from an angle, the sheen is a result of the highly prepared surface and the finely applied top coats.

We can match colours very closely to the existing if required, otherwise choose a colour from the Dulux range of solid colours, there are thousands to choose from.

What is laminate?

Laminate also commonly referred to Laminex, is a very durable surface and can be readily resurfaced with the traditional 2pac coating system to enable a colour or sheen change, enabling the tired kitchen to be revitalized. Resurfacing of laminates also covers the distinctive unsightly black lines where the face meets the edges on the doors, drawer fronts and panels.

What is vinyl wrap?

Vinyl Wrap is just that, a plastic wrap that is a 2pac look alike, and has a very limited life. Most will show signs of lifting within a couple of years when located near heat sources, such as ovens and underneath kettles. While some may last beyond ten years, most have peeled and fallen off after 6-7 years.

The good news is that we can extract these items, remove the plastic film and resurface with our traditional 2pac systems, allowing your existing doors and drawer faces to be recycled.

How can I be sure your company is legitimate and offers a warranty?

We are long time members of the Master Painters Association of Victoria and the housing industry association, a peak bodies to oversee the ethics and compliance of its members, and we have been incorporated for nearly thirty years. With regard to the warranty, while our warranty period for commercial clients is one year, for our domestic clients we have a 10 year warranty period. Procoat is a family owned and operated company. We have been operating successfully for over 20 years, and we understand the value of experience and a good reputation. To this end we ensure that all our people are highly trained and well qualified, which means you receive the highest standards in both quality of service and product.

Will the 2PAC chip?

Although the 2pac surface is a very hard durable surface, like any product it can be damaged when struck hard enough, the good news is that it can be repaired unlike when damage occurs to vinyl wrap or to laminates.

For example, in the majority of kitchens take a look at the top couple of your cutlery drawers and you will notice cuts and dings where utensils have been caught between the closing drawers. We supply you with an easy to use touch up kit that allows for these to be readily repaired should the occasion arise.

What is 2PAC?

2pac is a common reference to the application of a traditional polyurethane system of coatings that create a very hard and durable surface (unlike the softer acrylics and glazes). There are significant quality differences between traditional 2pac applications when compared to spray painters just applying a set number of coats to your kitchen joinery in-situ.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary greatly based on a number of variables, such as the surface we are dealing with, are there any mouldings or routings, what is the sheen level as high glosses are polished, how big is your kitchen and what is the condition. Even so with the costs of resurfacing the existing in 2pac , you can save from 60% to 80% on the cost of brand new kitchen cupboards & cabinets or bathroom vanity. When replacing with new joinery, you need also to consider the additional costs of plumbing, electrical, painting etc which can bring your new kitchen costs up significantly.

Can you apply 2PAC systems to old natural timber doors?

Can you apply 2PAC systems to old natural timber doors?

While the coatings will adhere there are significant issues with future cracking. Natural timber doors are generally constructed of several pieces of timber, and these will crack as the timber expands and contracts with changing temperature conditions within your home. Cracks will generally start appearing in as little as three months as the seasons change. There are similar issues with timber veneer, which is only a very thin film of timber glued to the underlying particle board. Our guarantee does not apply to applications on timber or veneers for this reason.

What happens to my end panels?

You will be amazed at what our well trained staff are capable of achieving with the extraction or covering of your existing kitchen panels and wall infills. We will need to inspect your kitchen to ensure we can satisfactorily remove these panels, or be able to offer an appropriate solution.

What is the 2PAC process?

The process is quite different to spray painters who just spray onto the surface with minimal preparation, the traditional 2pac application requires extensive surface preparation, prior to the application of three wet on wet coatings of high build primers.

Around half of these coatings are sanded away with differing grades of sand papers until we obtain a surface that is finely finished, before we start applying our topcoats. Again three wet on wet coats of topcoats are applied to obtain the high quality of finish and adhesion.

If a high gloss finish is called for, the finished product is cut and polished in a similar process to how your car is cut and polished.

None of this process can be replicated by merely spraying a set number of coats in your home. Nor can the dust or overspray be adequately contained.

How messy or inconvenient?

Not very at all, generally no need to empty cabinets other than those we have identified as requiring to be emptied for other reasons. We take away with us any rubbish or obsolete items, and within reason we tidy up as we go. You still have a functional kitchen while the work is being undertaken, just no doors, drawer fronts or panels. However you may loose access to some overhead cupboards for the duration of the works.

Can I do DIY?

Yes, we will provide you with advice and tips to assist with your extraction and re-installation. We also offer a pickup and delivery service that you will find very economical. Remember to remove all the hinges from the doors (leave them on the cabinet). Also remove all accessories including handles, magnets and catches.

Can you help with modifications to my kitchen?

Yes, provided they are of a minor nature such as making up oven and microwave surrounds, replacement doors drawers and panels. Also minor cabinetry modifications such as overhead fridge cabinets, stove towers and drawer conversions. Stone overlay bench-tops and colour back glass splash-backs come up a treat.

What do I need to do when it’s time to do the works?

Don’t empty the kitchen, you may need to move some items as advised, to give us access to screws. When installing bench tops or splash-backs the benches will need to be cleared. Don’t forget to provide us with vehicular access as we move items in and out of your house.

How long will it take?

From start to finish the joinery component of your kitchen project is generally between 10-15 working days, depending on the scope of works agreed for your kitchen. Before commencing works, we will agree upon what we call the extraction date and the re-installation date, which we hold fast in our schedule of works.

Throughout this time you have a functional kitchen as we are only removing what we call the skins, being the doors, drawer fronts and panels. You don’t need to empty your cabinets or drawers unless specific ones are to be removed. You will still have access to your benches and oven, allowing you to proceed with your life as close as possible to normal. Glass splash-backs can take an additional 10-15 working days from the measurement date.

What is involved with getting my kitchen redone?

Firstly we need to assess the viability of your existing kitchen, is it suitable and cost effective to resurface your kitchen. We undertake an inspection to determine whether to proceed further, then have you make selections from our samples as we measure and provide you with a free quotation. To have the inspection undertaken you will need to access the green Quick Quote at the top right of your monitor.

Can I have more drawers?

Most kitchens have under-bench door spaces that can readily be converted to a bank of soft closing drawers. If your old drawers have seen better times, these can generally be converted to new soft closing drawer assemblies, or perhaps more economically to convert the existing runners to soft closing sliders.

Will you change my hinges?

Not all kitchens need to have any work done to their existing hinges, however bare in mind the three dimensional adjustments of the modern soft closing hinge, which generally allows for finer adjustments to your door alignments. There are many types of hinge design, giving each hinge a unique application, we will advise you on the selection of the most appropriate hinge for your specific application.

Can I change my handles and repair the holes?

Handles knobs or none, is your decision to make. Be assured we will drill for the new handle holes if different to your existing, and can appropriately repair the old holes where required. While handles are the most practical for keeping a clean door, knobs do provide an alternative aesthetic, although generally has greater finger contact on the door surface. While push to open requires multiple handling of the door face on each opening of the door, this is still readily cleanable with a dry microfibre.

Splashbacks – can you assist with these?

While we cannot help you with a replacement tiled splash-back, we can assist with toughened colour backed glass and mirror splash-back, or alternatively with stone.

The choice of colour for the splash-back can be chosen from any Dulux solid colour, or if you wish a metallic finish then we have a large selection of swatches to choose from. We use Starfire glass which is a low iron glass that eliminates the majority of the green effect from normal window glass that has a mint green look to it.

What can you do with my kicker panels under the benches?

Simple, we install 3mm 2pac coated cover panels to match the rest of the kitchen, or brushed aluminum skirting if you wish to highlight your stainless appliances. For kitchens that have floating floors, the kicker covers can be made in most instances of thicker material to cover the expansion gap covered by the unsightly moulding strip.

Can you modify my bench to give me more bench space?

We often remove privacy/servery bars from the rear of benches to enable alternative bench tops to extend over. These bars tend to be areas of clutter, and not very inviting when entertaining visitors while preparing your culinary delights. Another source of bench top space is the removal and trimming of the utility cabinets and doors to match the height of the adjoining overhead cabinets. Utility cabinets tend to consume a considerable amount of bench top space both within the cabinet, and at the front to enable the doors to open, all just to hide away a kettle and toaster. Often the internals of these cabinets are stained from the heat generated from the appliances.

Will you spray in my home?

We do not spray in your home, it is way to dangerous for that type of activity. The products if ingested while airborne would be quite toxic, not only for you and your family, but also for us. Apart from this the surfaces cannot be adequately prepared to ensure adhesion of the primers, nor can they be adequately sanded in preparation for the final top coatings, nor adequately polished.

It is also impossible to control the dust in the air, let alone the potential for overspray onto other surfaces not intended to be coated. We remove your joinery items and undertake works under controlled conditions at our workshop factory.

I have old timber moulded doors, can I upgrade my doors?

Yes mouldings and routings are now quite out-dated, most modern kitchens are flush panel. We can supply new doors and drawer fronts to replace your old when it is cost effective, or if you desire a specific door profile for your kitchen upgrade.

What colours and sheens can I have?

White without any colourants are the most popular, however you can select any solid colour you wish from a Dulux Colour Chart. The sheens we offer a very high gloss or a Satin/Matt at 30% sheen. Metallic finishes are also available and are a real treat, particularly on colour back glass splash-backs.

My vinyl wrap kitchen is cracked and peeling, can you help?

In most cases yes, the vinyl is only plastic glued on the face of the solid mdf doors. We have a process to remove the vinyl that minimizes damage to the door face that we would need to repair afterwards. We generally ask that the vinyl be left on the face and let us deal with it. Once we have prepared the door face for priming, we are then ready for our 2pac coating process. Saves you having to purchase new doors and then commence the coating works.

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