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New Replacement Kitchen


Do you build new kitchens and laundries? 

Yes we do, we not only build but will also design your kitchen for you.

While we always try to provide the most economic outcome, not all kitchens are suitable for a simple resurfacing facelift, may be too old, or too damaged to spend further money to just change the outward aesthetics. Sometimes you just need to start over again.

Perhaps there are some remodelling works that you wish to achieve by replacing only part of the kitchen. We can work with you to establish the most economical way to achieve those changes, and perhaps retain the balance of the kitchen cabinets to minimize the costs involved.

Either way, we will work with you to establish what it is that you wish to achieve with the kitchen/laundry given the space that you have available. After our consultation with you, we develop a 3D drawing of how the space will look with the new cabinet design – along with door style, drawer spaces, pull out wire pantries and the like.

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