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Door Replacement With Profiled or Flush

Door Replacement With Profiled Or Flush

At Procoat Kitchens we live and breathe bringing out the best in your home’s kitchen space. No matter the current condition of your kitchen we can make it mirror your desired layout or design. Thanks to our innovative approach we can conduct complete door replacements, installing either profile or flushed decors based on your taste or the existing décor in the kitchen. Call us today to view examples of our products!

If your satisfied with the footprint of your kitchen and it is functional, and you’re looking for an economical means of updating, then we may have another solution for you instead of having to replace the whole kitchen – often involving plumbing, gas, electrical, floor tiling, plastering, general painting etc. If your current cabinet doors have been damaged or are showing signs of ageing Procoat can supply and install replacement kitchen cabinet doors in no time at all. Perhaps consider just replacing the exterior panels, doors, drawer fronts, kickers, and infills – the average kitchen has around 30-50 items.

Most of the kitchen items can be readily removed with a little bit of planning and sometimes the right advice, what often remains to be dealt with are the kicker boards, any header boards, and occasionally laminated end panels.

If you were to replace or cover these with matching cut to size items – then really all that’s left are the benches with sinks and cookers if needed, and tiles if they need changing – perhaps colour back glass splashbacks.

Procoat can manufacture your doors, drawerfronts, panels, and infills with 18mm pre-primed white MDF board, locate the hinge hole cutouts on relevant doors, then undertake 2pac coating works to the exposed faces and edges in your desired colour and finish. Our kitchen cupboard doors have been selected for their durability and reliability, combined with their ease of installation.

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