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Cabinet Replacements

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Replacement

At Procoat Kitchens we can improve the style and shape of your kitchen’s cabinets. By working closely with our clients, our cabinet makers can design and install durable and functional cabinets that can replace your current damaged or outdated cabinets. To discuss our detailed approach call us today!

  • Create a dishwasher space
  • Fridge overhead
  • New island bench

If your satisfied with the footprint of your kitchen and it is functional, and you’re looking for an economical means of updating, then we may have another solution for you instead of having to replace the whole kitchen – often involving plumbing, gas, electrical, floor tiling, plastering, general painting etc. If your current cabinet doors have been damaged or are showing signs of ageing Procoat can supply and install replacement kitchen cabinet doors in no time at all.

Perhaps consider just replacing the exterior panels, doors, drawer fronts, kickers, and infills – the average kitchen has around 30-50 items.

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Cupboard Door

Most of the kitchen items can be readily removed with a little bit of planning and sometimes the right advice, what often remains to be dealt with are the kicker boards, any header boards, and occasionally laminated end panels.

If you were to replace or cover these with matching cut to size items – then really all that’s left are the benches with sinks and cookers if needed, and tiles if they need changing – perhaps colour back glass splashbacks.

Procoat can manufacture your doors, drawerfronts, panels, and infills with 18mm pre-primed white MDF board, locate the hinge hole cutouts on relevant doors, then undertake 2pac coating works to the exposed faces and edges in your desired colour and finish. Our kitchen cupboard doors have been selected for their durability and reliability, combined with their ease of installation.

To give you a price for this upgrade option, just send via email to Procoat the following information.


Colour : Your choice from thousands of colours selected from the Dulux range of colours

Sheen : High Gloss, Satin or Matt (High gloss is impressive, while the Satin is more forgiving with frequency of cleaning)

Edge profile : What do you prefer – modern square arris leading edge, or perhaps a pencil round or other choice

Handles : Do you need to upgrade to something a little more modern, tell us how many handles and the general shape, we will come back to you with suggestions

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Drawers : Start with the drawers, list their sizes – Width and Height

Doors : Next with the doors, again list their sizes – and note how many hinge holes are on each, and whether they are right or left aligned.

Panels : These are located on the ends of the overhead and bench cupboards, also around the island bench. If there are none there, and the end has been laminated to the carcas, measure up for one to be made, then you will have a modern looking kitchen.

Fridge & Pantry panels : Generally these can come out without damage to the tiles or bench, just needs some planning, the right advice and some of your DIY skill.

Infills : Again generally these can be removed.

Kicker & Header boards : Easy, reface them with 3mm cover panels (the face 2pac coated to match with the kitchen)

Kitchen Size Img

If you feel up to undertaking the task, then send the information through for the 10 items above and we will respond within the next few days with a detailed quotation, or to clarify any questions you may have.

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