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Laminate Kitchen Doors, Drawer Fronts And Panels


Are laminate kitchens popular?

Laminate kitchens are popular budget alternative to 2pac finishes, and is the most used material on kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels. The material used for laminate doors is quite different from that of a laminate benchtop, with both having slightly different finishes.

Laminates for doors and panels are manufactured from highly versatile and durable materials, with various finishes, predominately the Satin/Silk lower sheen finish, and a high gloss finish, with a 1mm edge that provides strength and ensures long-lasting durability.

Laminates not that long ago were considered as the “cheap option” due to quality and price, but not so anymore as laminate technology has seen great improvements in quality, Laminates do have their own advantages, particularly over vinyl wrap alternatives, that have a tendency to peel and fade in a relatively short time period. Laminates are also great at resisting stains, moisture ingress and moulds.

Laminate doors and panels are quite sturdy in the realm of a typically busy kitchen, and are now available in a large range of colours and finishes. Procoat Kitchens recommend quality brands like Colourpyne, Wilson Art and Polytec.

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