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Laminate Benchtops

Laminate Benchtop

Our laminate benchtops are manufactured to the highest standard, from the traditional bull nose, to the exciting and visually pleasing, tight radius edges.

The most common types of benchtop edges are square edges. With the square edge, the entire benchtop is squared with everything meeting at right angles.

Tops are available in a range of thicknesses including fascia vanities and splash backs with a large range of profiles to suit the different thicknesses.

Procoat Kitchens will precisely detail and install your benchtops to match your exact requirements each and every time.


A wide range of finishes are available from the Colourpyne, Wilson Art and the Polytec ranges. attached Links are to the Colourpyne, Wilson Art and Polytec ranges.

What Is Postforming?

It’s a question many people ask and the answer isn’t too complicated. Essentially postforming is the process of making flat sheets of laminate fold smoothly over the rounded edge of a sub-strata. It’s just one in a series of techniques used to produce a benchtop.

The result is an attractive finish to the edge of your newly manufactured benchtop.
Modern 3mm Radii edge
First of the modern tight rolled edges
Variation on the original 180 dg profile, rarely used any more
Continuing trend in tighter radii edges
Original post formed edge, superseded by modern Smartform profile
Commercial and desk type applications.
Modern stylistic edges in matching and contrasting colours and patterns
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